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Pie Chart 3d version 2.0 is coming ….

Posted: September 1st, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: piechart, Xcode solutions | Comments Off on Pie Chart 3d version 2.0 is coming ….

After several weeks of hard work, new version of Pie Chart 3d library and new App is coming.

pie chart 3d

New features:

  • you can save images to camera roll,
  • you can define colours using RGB palette (HSV is still handled),
  • chart, labels, title can be moved on the screen with one tap,
  • you can change title font face, size and colour,
  • colours can be selected from 3 predefined palettes plus one customisable, so there are unlimited combinations,
  • improved handling for decimal numbers,
  • you can copy colours between palettes for easier configuration
  • application is available in other languages

All other fancy features like moving, rotating, changing angle, adding, removing slice are still available.
Graph library is now delivered with demo application, which makes integration with your application much easier.

Details soon – stay tuned.